Why Contract with CLEANING USA?

Corporate values

Quality. People. Training. Technology. Support. Trust. We understand the importance and accept the challenge of providing the highest level of corporate/management and cleaning industry services.


We believe proper, professional supervision is one of the most important elements in any successful on-site operation. From the top-down, our corporate structure reinforces chains of command and supervision on every level.


In our business, one of the best ways to shine is by taking a proactive approach. At CLEANING USA, one of our most closely held values is to respond immediately and solve problems promptly.

Loyal Employees

We are proud to have won the commitment of our employees – a reflection of the pride our employees take in being associated with and representing CLEANING USA. CLEANING USA boasts a number of supervisors who have been with the company for more than 20 years.


Every CLEANING USA worker is thoroughly trained, re-trained, monitored, and graded to maintain a high work standard.


CLEANING USA is a 24/7 company. Our supervisors and management are available at all times in case of an emergency.

CLEANING USA has been successful and continues to grow – largely through word of mouth – by being committed to the satisfaction of its customers

Quality Control

At CLEANING USA, we approach quality control with an organized, methodical system in which nothing is left to chance. Every service provided is backed by layers of quality control.

We control the training and performance of our staff. We don’t sub-contract, so all staff members know what to do in every situation

We keep tight log books of all activities, should any questions arise

An On-Site Supervisor oversees all work performed and communicates with the client’s facility manager regarding special requests, concerns, safety and maintenance issues

There is a complete weekly inspection review from the On-Site Supervisor up through the chain of command to the Director of Operations. The quality of services provided for all accounts is under their constant scrutiny, and they are available to clients 24/7

A Professional Approach

Our professionalism is unequaled. We demand more of ourselves than our clients do, resulting in exceptional jobs-done-right. Our expertise also extends to our industry affiliations, where we stay on top of latest innovations in the field through memberships in associations that promote excellence in the building services profession.

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