Our Employees

Our CLEANING USA teams are staffed by experts in operations and customer service. Their primary responsibility is to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. Each team is overseen by a corporate manager who, with decades of experience in the cleaning industry, is the client’s management contact, 24/7, and ensures that the work is done to CLEANING USA’s and the client’s specifications and satisfaction. 

Our employees are trustworthy, an attribute of major importance to every property owner.

Prior to employment, all CLEANING USA personnel are required to submit background information and documentation for review in accordance with federal law. All applicants also are carefully screened by management prior to placement.
All employees are required to attend training sessions on cleaning techniques, corporate policies, on-the-job safety and quality performance expectations. They continue to grow professionally through direction while on the job.

All employees are bonded.

With employee understanding of Our Mission and their partnership in meeting our commitment to quality performance and customer satisfaction in every aspect of their work, many staff members have established a close professional relationship with clients and have worked at the same location for many years.

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